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Review – Dom of the Dead


She couldn’t imagine living without him.

When Carson Black’s longtime crush and best friend dies in a bike accident, she openly weeps at his funeral. Never expressing her feelings for him, she thinks she might be going mad from grief when his voice, his scent, his desires…seem to fill her apartment.

He was afraid to demand what he needed.

Randall Stokes loves Carson but didn’t express it while he was alive. A dominant, he didn’t dare dream that the sweet girl next door would do the things that he needed to find satisfaction. When tragedy strikes, he not only has nothing to lose but a suddenly clear view into what she needs, wants, desires. Is it too late to take what they’ve both longed for?

A ghost of a chance…

Love lingers, though his body is gone. Can Carson and Randall find love in the Dom of the Dead?

Review by Crystal 4.5 Hearts

hearts 4Flames 4
I enjoyed this short book. I have been reading several of 1 Night Stands books. I loved Carson and Randall’s story. Made you think about making sure that you tell that certain someone that you love them before it’s too late. I could feel Carson’s pain in the book and I could really see what she was going through. I know that there are sometimes that I wished I had a second chance to do something. You never know when you will die so don’t take anyting for granted. This is the first time that I have read a book by this author and I will be looking for her books in the future.

From Me to You Friday – Tamara- Giving Chase

Have you read Roping Love?

I’ve had several readers ask me if Chance’s brothers would get a story, so here is a newsflash. I am writing Chase’s story now!

Giving Chase

This in an unedited excerpt form chapter two of Giving Chase. I hope it peaks your interest.

As the sun was creeping into the morning sky, Samantha quietly slipped from the bed, grabbed her clothes and snuck into the bathroom to dress. She didn’t have a brush so she used her fingers to try and clear the worst of the tangles from her hair, securing it with the clip that Chase had torn from her hair last night. She washed her face, removing her ruined makeup from the night before. She turned out the bathroom light and peaked around the door, to make sure Chase was still asleep.
The big cowboy was sprawled across the bed, arm thrown over his eyes and snoring softly. She smiled at the picture he made. He had awakened her twice more during the night to rock her world. So, he was righteously tired.
Samantha held her shoes in her hand as she crept to the door and slipped out into the dawning light. This was one hell of a birthday and a memory she would carry forever. A small part of her was sorry it had to end. But, she had gotten what she was looking for. A hot night with a gorgeous cowboy and a memory to keep her warm on the cold nights ahead.
She had a store to open, her tree farm to get up and running and if it was a little lonely right now, there would be time for a real relationship when she had her life in order. She didn’t stop to put on her shoes until she was in her truck.
As she turned the key in the ignition and her truck rumbled to life she cast one last glance at the window of the motel room where her cowboy slept. The drapes were closed, so there was really nothing to see, but the pictures in her mind played like a movie on a screen.
She turned up the radio and let the smile in her heart break across her face. It was going to be a good day.

Samantha is such a naughty girl!

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