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Review – Gamble – Viola Grace

Kora was born broken. Her body cracked at the slightest touch and the Alliance offered her a chance at an actual life, with some conditions. Rebuilt, redesigned and bonded to a very patient ship, Kora flies from world to world picking up and dropping off whatever the Guardians need.

Neuro has been working undercover in a brothel, gaining intel with pillow talk. Kora is sent in to recover him, and she does it with her own personal style. Once she has taken him to her ship, she has a problem. What does she do with him now? Odds are, he won’t like it.

Cara’s Review
For reasons of full disclosure, I must state that I am a hard core fan of Viola Grace. I wait eagerly in anticipation on the 1st and 15th of each month for her most recent novella, and snatch them up the instant they become available.

Gamble is the second of what I assume will be five books, focusing on a unique group of woman who were admitted as volunteers under the auspices of the Nyal technology team. They group had physical disabilities that hindered their ability to function normally on Earth. Kora, the heroine of this book, suffered from osteogenesis imperfecta, and agreed to a lifesaving experiment that left her linked to a sentient ship made from her own DNA. Grace manages to find Kora her perfect match, someone who will be able to see her for what she is, and understand why so many of her actions are a result of a gamble.

Anyway, it’s not my normal M.O. in a review to go over what occurred in the book, so I’ll stop at that, and move on to an actual review. It will come as no surprise that I greatly enjoyed this book. The child like quality of the Kora’s ship, the hotness of Neuro, and their evolving relationship, makes for a quick and enjoyable read. Readers will enjoy the glimpse into the life of someone who is suddenly free after a lifetime of imprisonment caused by a genetic anomaly. As someone who has cared for patients with O.I. I find Gamble’s character to be believable, and a reasonable interpretation of what might occur if someone with O.I. suddenly had the ability to actually fully live without fear of shattering. I’m always fascinated by Grace’s alien creations, and this book is no different, introducing us to yet another new race.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Grace, I would definitely suggest checking out this new sub-series, which starts with Gadget. While they are stand-alone novellas, Gadget introduces the cyborgs. If they are all as good as these two, we have three more great reads in store for us!
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Review – Master Prince – Gray Dixon(Master of Tabu 2)

master prince

The Masters of Tabu center around the journey of college friends from Dallas, Texas, seeking redemption, healing and love when they least expect it. Hot days and sizzling nights await—Marcus Knight, Mitchell Prince, Jared King, Shane Marshal, Brock Dragon and Jagger Squire with Simon Tempest, a friend of Marcus Knight rounding out the co-owners of Club Tabu, a BDSM private club. Dallas will never be the same.

Mitchell Prince, is a Dom with an attitude. He’s the Chief Counsel of Knight Enterprises and has a private practice in Dallas, Texas, which keeps him busy. He’s also a co-owner in Club Tabu and tends to watch and monitor more than have a sub of his own. He has yet to find the right partner to fulfill his darkest desires to control and challenge him physically and mentally.

Guilianna Hathaway, nicknamed Anna by her closest friends, is no princess but can play with the Big Boys in the courtroom. She’s a hard-edged attorney representing women and children. Her latest client files a civil suit against Club Tabu and the owners for negligence due to an alleged rape and assault of her client by another patron of the BDSM club. She’s curious about the goings on in an establishment catering to the abuse of women, or what she assumes happens there and returns to the “crime scene” for research and is stunned and shocked by what she finds. Once she meets with Mitchell Prince at Club Tabu, not only is she attracted to the tall, dark and handsome attorney representing the club, she’s also drawn into the BDSM world. Discovering she has a submissive nature is a revelation she’s willing to explore. With the right Dom, that is.

Will Mitch and Anna plead the fifth and follow the laws of nature rather than the laws they uphold in court

Tamara’s Review
Wow! and again can you say wow? I enjoyed the first book in this series, Master Knight, But Master Prince absolutely blew me away. I couldn’t put Master Prince down.
I love BDSM stories that showcase the healing that can occur through the lifestyle and Master Prince told an engaging story of a strong willed woman, a “tiger” in the courtroom, who hides a mouse inside. I loved how Master Prince called her “his little mouse”. Anna has been abused in her past and even though she has been in therapy, she has never found the true feeling of healing, until she learns to trust again.
Mitchell Prince has almost everything a man could want. Good looks, a great career, money, fame, and part ownership in a fetish club that allows him to satisfy his need to dominate. But, at this point in his life there is one more thing he wants, no needs: A woman to share his life with. The problem? It needs to be a very special woman. Mitch wants a woman who can challenge him in daily life, intelligent, eloquent, compassionate and strong. But, willing to allow him to dominate their sexual encounters.
From the first moment Mitch sees Guillianna, he thinks she might just be the one. But will he be able to convince the sassy mouthed attorney that submission doesn’t equal weakness? And get her to accept her submissive side?
Master Prince was a wonderfully sweet and erotic story that drew me in from the start and kept me hooked until the very end.
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Review – Master Knight (Master’s of Tabu #1) – Gray Dixon

master knight
The Masters of Tabu center around the journey of college friends from Dallas, Texas, seeking redemption, healing and love when they least expect it. Hot days and sizzling nights await—Marcus Knight, Mitchell Prince, Jared King, Shane Marshal, Brock Dragon and Jagger Squire with Simon Tempest, a friend of Marcus Knight rounding out the co-owners of Club Tabu, a BDSM private club.

Dallas will never be the same.

Tamara’s Review

Master Knight starts with a spanking and ends with a kiss: Maybe a little backwards in some circles, but for this hot, erotic BDSM it works just right.
The BDSM elements in Master Knight are what I would call on the light side, some spanking and bondage, nothing heavy or dark. I loved the fact that the conflict in Master Knight doesn’t revolve around the BDSM scene or it’s elements. It results from a young and immature heroine and a lack of communication.
I liked Marcus Knight and loved getting a look at the other members of the Master’s of Tabu. I look forward to reading more books in this series.
Hot and steamy, Master Knight ignites Khari’s passions and they will ignite yours too. A good start to a new series.
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Book Tour ~ Giveaway ~ Shiloh Walker ~ The Unwanted

The Unwanted Tour Banner

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Sizzling, suspenseful, and very, very dark—THE UNWANTED is a sexy, fast-paced thriller that will leave you breathless!-Alyssa Day, New York Times bestselling author.

The Unwanted CoverThe Unwanted
Release date: July 30, 2013A Novella of the FBI Psychics

Destin Mortin’s psychic gift comes with an ugly twist—she excels at tracking down violent rapists. But it’s rough on relationships. Once, her partner Caleb was her everything: filter, shield, rescuer, lover. The only man who didn’t think her a freak. Then he walked away.

Destin turned her back on the FBI to work for a private agency, but now a particularly horrendous case has come up, and her boss wants her paired with only the best.

For Caleb Durand, leaving Destin was an act of self-preservation. Every time she flung herself headlong into dangerous situations, every time he nursed her through soul-crushing visions, he’d died a little more inside.

Now they are forced to work together one last time. Tragedy has changed them both, but Caleb knows if he lowers his shields for an instant, he won’t have an icicle’s chance in hell of resisting the temptation to lose himself in her wild power.

But to catch the rapist, it’s exactly what he’ll have to do.

He was painfully, acutely aware of the woman sitting off to his side.

Shifting his attention to her, he found himself staring at her profile. Her gaze was locked on some point just above Oz’s head, like she couldn’t be bothered to look at him and he guessed he couldn’t blame her.

After all, he’d walked away from her.

He’d walked away from this woman he’d loved more than anything…Destin Mortin…the woman who had slowly been killing him inside. She just hadn’t realized it.

His heart had withered away to ashes inside his chest over the past five years and he’d hadn’t ever planned on seeing her again. If it wasn’t for Oz, he could have probably managed to do just that.

Now? Shit, now he couldn’t remember how he’d felt just five minutes ago—when he’d been almost level. Not happy, never that. Not without her. But he’d existed. He’d been level.

Now it was like he was freefalling all over again.

And she still wouldn’t look at him.

Hell, maybe that was best. If he could get settled again before those big blue eyes shifted his way, he’d be better off.

Time fell away and it was like the very first time he’d seen her. Just like then, he wanted to grab her and protect her against all the world. He wanted to grab her and do every dirty thing imaginable to her. He wanted to grab her and just stare at her face. Learn everything that had happened in the past five years.

Even though he knew every line of her face, every inch of her body, he wanted to relearn them, see if anything had changed.

And still, she hadn’t looked at him.

All he could see was her profile, the clear, elegant lines of her cheek, her chin. The straight line of her nose, her unsmiling mouth.

She was still so beautiful. And if he let himself, he imagined he could lower his shields and find himself lost in the heat of her. That wild, powerful soul. The temptation was strong.

No. Don’t, Caleb. You’re here for a job, only a job. With that thought firm in his mind, he did a quick mental check on his shields. All nice and solid.

So far, she hadn’t turned to look at him and that was good. Gave him a minute to settle himself before he looked into that beautiful face, before he lost himself in the vivid intensity that glowed in her ice-blue eyes. She’d cut her hair. Seriously cut, as in so short it almost looked like she’d buzzed the back of it. It was longer on top, falling in straight, silken tresses to frame her face. As he studied her, she reached up, pushing her fingers through the soft, black strands. Her nails were unpolished, clipped almost brutally short, not a single ring in sight. He frowned, trying to recall if he’d ever seen those pretty hands without polish and glittery rings.

She glanced at him over her shoulder, a quick look that let him see her face for all of, oh, maybe three seconds. Then she looked back at Oz. “What’s the deal, Oz?”

“A job,” Oz said, smiling a little. “You didn’t think I called you in here for cupcakes and milk, did you?”

Destin sighed and crossed one leg over the other. “I can always hope. I like cupcakes and milk.”

Her unspoken words hung heavy between. I don’t like this. Not at all.

I’m not too thrilled about it myself, sugar, he thought sourly as the ache in his chest twisted, shifted, settled.

It was a good thing he hadn’t come out here with any big expectations about getting over Destin. Because that obviously hadn’t happened.

Destin seemed about as thrilled to have him there as he was about being there, he decided, venturing a few more feet into the room. With his heart a leaden weight, he shifted his attention away from her to look at Oz.

It didn’t matter that he’d focused, meditated, prepared himself.

It was like preparing yourself to ride a tornado.

There was just no preparing yourself for the ride to come. You could know it was going to happen, but that was it.

Staring into her pale green eyes, he thought bitterly, Damn you, Oz.

If he wasn’t mistaken, there was amusement in her eyes.

Yeah, you be amused, scheming bitch, he thought sourly as he settled in the chair next to Destin’s. One nice thing about the fact that she wasn’t in the Bureau anymore, he didn’t have to school his thoughts quite so much.

She might pick up the odd and random thought, but she wasn’t his boss and he didn’t have to deal with her on the job once he finished here.

Destin crossed her legs, lovely legs left bare by the knee-length black skirt. It was almost severe in its simplicity, but she could have been wearing sackcloth and it wouldn’t detract from the sheer beauty of her.

Her skin was the color of sun-kissed ivory…she didn’t tan. She never had, but her skin would get this soft glow. Just the faintest bit of color. It made him think of peaches. And he wanted to stroke a hand down her thighs, press a kiss to her knee. Caleb had the weirdest feeling that if he closed his eyes, he could smell the sweet scent of Destin’s skin on the air and lust, need, punched through him.

Not what you need to think about.

Job. He was just here about a job.

Tapping his fingers on the arm of the chair, he said softly, “You want to tell me why I was put on a plane at four o’clock in the afternoon? By now, I ought to be settling down to eat dinner, watch some TV and relax. Instead…I’m here. Why am I here?” Flicking a glance at his watch, he checked the time. Play it cool. That was what he had to do. Play it cool so neither of them realized how hard it was to be here.

Play it cool and maybe nobody would realize the truth…he still loved the woman sitting next to him. He always would.

The Protected

A little about Shiloh:
Shiloh Walker has been writing since she was a kid. She fell in love with vampires with the book Bunnicula and has worked her way up to the more…ah…serious works of fiction. She loves reading and writing just about every kind of romance. Once upon a time she worked as a nurse, but now she writes full time and lives with her family in the Midwest. She writes romantic suspense and paranormal romance, and urban fantasy under the name J.C. Daniels.


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