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Review – Gamble – Viola Grace

Kora was born broken. Her body cracked at the slightest touch and the Alliance offered her a chance at an actual life, with some conditions. Rebuilt, redesigned and bonded to a very patient ship, Kora flies from world to world picking up and dropping off whatever the Guardians need.

Neuro has been working undercover in a brothel, gaining intel with pillow talk. Kora is sent in to recover him, and she does it with her own personal style. Once she has taken him to her ship, she has a problem. What does she do with him now? Odds are, he won’t like it.

Cara’s Review
For reasons of full disclosure, I must state that I am a hard core fan of Viola Grace. I wait eagerly in anticipation on the 1st and 15th of each month for her most recent novella, and snatch them up the instant they become available.

Gamble is the second of what I assume will be five books, focusing on a unique group of woman who were admitted as volunteers under the auspices of the Nyal technology team. They group had physical disabilities that hindered their ability to function normally on Earth. Kora, the heroine of this book, suffered from osteogenesis imperfecta, and agreed to a lifesaving experiment that left her linked to a sentient ship made from her own DNA. Grace manages to find Kora her perfect match, someone who will be able to see her for what she is, and understand why so many of her actions are a result of a gamble.

Anyway, it’s not my normal M.O. in a review to go over what occurred in the book, so I’ll stop at that, and move on to an actual review. It will come as no surprise that I greatly enjoyed this book. The child like quality of the Kora’s ship, the hotness of Neuro, and their evolving relationship, makes for a quick and enjoyable read. Readers will enjoy the glimpse into the life of someone who is suddenly free after a lifetime of imprisonment caused by a genetic anomaly. As someone who has cared for patients with O.I. I find Gamble’s character to be believable, and a reasonable interpretation of what might occur if someone with O.I. suddenly had the ability to actually fully live without fear of shattering. I’m always fascinated by Grace’s alien creations, and this book is no different, introducing us to yet another new race.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Grace, I would definitely suggest checking out this new sub-series, which starts with Gadget. While they are stand-alone novellas, Gadget introduces the cyborgs. If they are all as good as these two, we have three more great reads in store for us!
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