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Review – Save Your Love – Lex Valentine

Decades define a young man’s life as he goes from a virgin discovering his sexual orientation to a rock star fending off masses of lovestruck fans to a composer of Broadway musicals while an epic love for his best friend commands his heart, permeates his soul and flows through his music.

Jay Sparks lost his virginity and found his true sexual orientation at a rock festival on his eighteenth birthday. He also gave away his heart. Through the years, Jay’s love for his best friend and first lover Matt Langdon has never died. The one thing Jay has always known to be true was that he and Matt loved each other. Even when they were apart, Jay always felt Matt’s presence within him and beside him. When fate finally brings them back together, finding a way to blend their lives becomes a labor of love. Through their years together, the love they found at eighteen grows and matures but remains an eternal flame that burns unwavering in both their hearts.

Allyson’s Review

Save Your Love was short but a steamy read. I was completely awed at the everlasting love Matt and Jay had for each other. They complimented each other so well with complete and total acceptance.
Their friendship started at 14 and their relationship at 18 and was strong at 20 but even though they loved each truly whole heartedly they took their own paths so they could grow both as individuals and as a couple. I was truly impressed how strong their love was and the determination they had to support each other. This was truly a great, steamy, passionate read.
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