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Review ~ Before the After

Before the AfterBefore the After by Janie Emaus

Like every goal-oriented twenty-something, Jessica Singleton, an aspiring filmmaker, is obsessed with finding her future as quickly as possible. Tick Tock. What she doesn’t know is that the future is obsessed with finding her, too.

Renn Porter, an agent with Time Traveling Matchmaker’s Inc., blasts back in time—and into her life—in order to transport Jessica to the soul mate who has paid for this service…in the future. But things turn dangerous when it’s revealed that Renn has been sent after his own soul mate.

Jessica wants nothing to do with this strange guy and his crazy romantic notions. Who has time for a soul mate anyway? But tell that to her heart.

Caught between two times, Jessica and Renn must struggle to stay alive. Falling in love is the biggest risk either of them has ever taken—because, as they are destined to learn, the very existence of Time Traveling Matchmakers, Inc. rests in Jessica’s hands.

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A review by Cara Davidson

Note: This book was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

While mildly disjointed in places, I really enjoyed the premise of this story. So, why the lower star? Well, I felt as though there was almost too many subplots placed into this book- each of which deserved to be much more fleshed out. However, if taking just the story of Jessica and Renn (don’t you love that name?), I would have given it a higher rating, four stars.

An interesting premise- yesterday, today, and tomorrow seem to collide in this book- offering a tantalizing exploration of how the future influences the here and now, the past effected the future, etc. The mind boggles at all the potential danger of paradoxes- all in the name of the ultimate goal: true love. What greater goal is there?

Bottom line: I would recommend this book, with the following caveat: be mindful of the fact that there are backstories and character relationships you will yearn to know more about.

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