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Review – Now and Forever 1 – Jean Joachim



“I’ve been itching to get at you all evening. Ever since you walked out looking like that, I wanted to jump your bones right here in the living room. Watching those letches drool over you all night didn’t make it any easier. They can drool all they want, I’m the one who is going to make love to you tonight,” he said taking her in his arms, while her dress slipped to the floor.

Meets peril…

Callie put her hand in her pocket and turned to walk out of the diner.

“Not so fast. Turn around!”

Callie heard a click. She turned to see a rifle cocked and aimed at her chest.

Allyson’s review

hearts 51Flames 3

Another wonderful book by Jean Joachim! I went through so many different emotions while reading, I laughed,cried but all in all was a heartwarming story with a mixture of Suspense involved! The suspense kept you on the edge of your seat itching to find out more! There were several twists and turns, that I never saw coming! This book made me feel like I was actually with the characters, which is why I went through so many emotions! This story will truly touch your heart!
This was Mac and Callie’s Story! Callie was such a strong character that I truly admired. Callie had to deal with lots of loss! Even with the death of her parents, her fiancee, and the strained relationship with her sister, Callie kept on and enrolled herself in college for her Master’s Degree. Even barely getting by she still kept pushing forward, never complaining.
Mac is Dean at the college whom is divorced with a two year old son, Jason. Mac was attracted to Callie the first time he saw her! While working together that attraction only grows. Mac has trust issues because of his ex-wife. I think he had the hardest time because he felt like he was competing with a ghost.
Then Students start overdosing, Mac, Callie, the school along with Police want to stop the drugs in their small college town but the dealers will stop at nothing to keep from being found, including murder! Mac and Callie were thrown one obstacle after another, not only was their life endangered but they had to fight for an relationship together! I highly recommend this book!