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Review – Now and Forever 1 – Jean Joachim



“I’ve been itching to get at you all evening. Ever since you walked out looking like that, I wanted to jump your bones right here in the living room. Watching those letches drool over you all night didn’t make it any easier. They can drool all they want, I’m the one who is going to make love to you tonight,” he said taking her in his arms, while her dress slipped to the floor.

Meets peril…

Callie put her hand in her pocket and turned to walk out of the diner.

“Not so fast. Turn around!”

Callie heard a click. She turned to see a rifle cocked and aimed at her chest.

Allyson’s review

hearts 51Flames 3

Another wonderful book by Jean Joachim! I went through so many different emotions while reading, I laughed,cried but all in all was a heartwarming story with a mixture of Suspense involved! The suspense kept you on the edge of your seat itching to find out more! There were several twists and turns, that I never saw coming! This book made me feel like I was actually with the characters, which is why I went through so many emotions! This story will truly touch your heart!
This was Mac and Callie’s Story! Callie was such a strong character that I truly admired. Callie had to deal with lots of loss! Even with the death of her parents, her fiancee, and the strained relationship with her sister, Callie kept on and enrolled herself in college for her Master’s Degree. Even barely getting by she still kept pushing forward, never complaining.
Mac is Dean at the college whom is divorced with a two year old son, Jason. Mac was attracted to Callie the first time he saw her! While working together that attraction only grows. Mac has trust issues because of his ex-wife. I think he had the hardest time because he felt like he was competing with a ghost.
Then Students start overdosing, Mac, Callie, the school along with Police want to stop the drugs in their small college town but the dealers will stop at nothing to keep from being found, including murder! Mac and Callie were thrown one obstacle after another, not only was their life endangered but they had to fight for an relationship together! I highly recommend this book!

Review – Movie Lovers – Jean Joachim


Can revenge turn to regret? Duped by slick, famous producer, Gunther Quill, Grace Brewster makes the biggest mistake of her life. Feeling humiliated by Quill and Jake Matthews, her sister’s Broadway co-star, Grace vows to even the score with both men. Using an alias and the Internet, she executes a genius payback plot. Her attacks hit their mark, wounding her intended targets. But she didn’t count on her sharp words going viral before she can blink, taking the injury to a new level.
Her satisfaction is short-lived when the scheme turns sour. Her plan backfires, turning into a huge secret she shares with a cold-blooded tabloid journalist. Can she trust this ruthless opportunist to keep her secret from the man she loves and the sister she adores? Or will she be exposed and robbed of the only happiness she’s known since the death of her beloved mother?

Allyson’s Review

hearts 51Flames 3

This was the first book I have read by Jean Joachim! I absolutely loved it. Grace was an aspiring screen play writer! Her sister, Cara was an actress in the business and had made a name for herself! Grace had always been protected and sheltered by her mother and sister. Especially her sister after their mother’s death! While taking her screen play to an producer, Grace is taken advantage of and seduced! Grace flies to her sister, but feels she has done something so terrible she can’t talk about it! Cars sets Grace up with her co-star/partner, Jake! They meet each other on unexpected terms and it is disastrous, as well as their first date! Grace finds a way to get revenge on the producer Gunther, but it will hurt Jake as well! I was absolutely enthralled with this book and couldn’t put it down! The Connection between Grace and Jake was sizzling, but both had issues to overcome! I look forward to the next book in the series and can’t wait to read more by Jean Joachim!

Sensational Sunday ~ Stalking Jean Joachim :)

Usually we have authors asking to be featured. Today, I’m featuring an amazing author. (I emailed her and told her I was hijacking her information!) 😀 Somehow the day came and I saw that our reviewers were featuring two of her selections. The review of Movie Lovers will be featured at 3:00 PM and Now and Forever 1 will be featured at 4:00 PM. Check out our reviews and don’t miss your chance to read this wonder author!

Jean Joachim (gleaned from her facebook page is married, self employed as a romance writer, and studied at George Washington University in Washington DC.

Getting that stalker vibe yet? 😉

LOL! Jean is a warm wonderful woman. I had the pleasure of meeting her at RAGT at the beginning of June. I have proof!


Jean is first on the left next to Tamara and a whole group of other Secret Cravings Authors. I was the one talking the photo. As you can see I’ll never be a professional photographer! (Though if you have some eye candy you want photographed, I’ll give it my best shot!)

She has a lovely site featuring her books, coming work and character interviews!

Visit her home page and be welcomed! This is how you will be greeted.

Joachim Books, stories to warm your heart and soul

Welcome! I’m Jean Joachim. I write contemporary romance in two heat levels: sweet and spicy (or sensuous). I love getting lost in a new story and meeting new characters.

She’d love to hear from you, you can contact her at:

If facebook and her blog is not enough, you can also stalk her on twitter at @JeanJoachim.
You can also become a fan on goodreads!

Umm, that’s not too much, is it?

Check out her offerings on Amazon if you have a kindle!

Nook? I wouldn’t forget you either! On here, you can even find some of her non-fiction books! Wildlife Word Search…hmmm. If I hadn’t seen the cover, I’d have to wonder what I’d find in there! (No I’m not showing it-you can check it yourself!)

You can also check out her offerings on Secret Cravings Publishing.

Call of DutyI recently read an anthology Jean had a story in, The Call of Duty. It had been sold out at the Secret Cravings Boardroom at RAGT and Jean hunted down a copy for me. I’m a sucker for a military romance! I must say I thoroughly enjoyed Jean’s story.

Sweet Love Remembered is a poignant love story centering around grief and duty. Sometimes a Marine cannot always be there for his family and when tragedy hits home love may not always be enough. But that love doesn’t always die, and the Marine motto is Semper Fidelis, Always faithful.

About the author:

Jean Joachim, wife and mother of two sons, is owned by a rescued pug, named Homer. She’d been writing non-fiction for what seemed like forever until she got up the nerve to try fiction. It was love. Now she spends her days in New York City in the company of her characters, with a cup of tea and a secret stash of black licorice.

Watch for her radio interviews on “The Book Club” with John Austin.

I stalk, but in a good way, right? *sirens pulling up in front* Oops! See you later, I’ve got to go!