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Review – Wolf Bond – Mina Carter


Barrett Simmons, head of security for the famous rock band, Lyric Hounds, has managed to avoid the band members’ less-than-subtle matchmaking attempts. Since the woman he loved was killed in action, his heart has been as dry and dusty as the sands she fell on. He doesn’t want to date, in fact he can’t think of anything worse. But he didn’t count on his sister, Melody, making a call to Madame Eve….

A car crash two years ago left werewolf Saxon Reeves with amnesia and nightmares—but the nightmares aren’t of the crash. Instead she dreams of a soldier. A human soldier she can’t get out of her head. When her family pushes her to mate with a wolf from a neighboring pack, she decides to take one night, just for herself, and contacts 1Night Stand.

The last thing she expects when she walks through the door is to come face to face with her soldier..

Review By Crystal
4.5 hearts
hearts 4Flames 3

I could feel the pain that Barrett was feeling. To have found the love of his life to only lose her. I can only imagine the pain you would go through when you have to see someone you love die right in front of your eyes and know there is no way to save them. (Paragraph) Sax has nightmares every night of getting shot and knows that the man she sees means something to her. All of her family say she was in an accident and she has lost the last seven years of her life. Just imagine the surprise on these two faces when they come face to face for a one night stand together.
I enjoyed this book and the author did a wonderful job writing it. The only thing I didn’t like was it just didn’t last long. Just when I was really getting in the story I reached the end. I did like the ending of the book and I can see myself reading more by this author.

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