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Review – Now and Forever 3- Blind Love – Jean Joachim


Can a handsome, charming, womanizing professor win the heart of a blind ballerina? Love comes to the university as Peter Caldwell, dashing Art History professor and accomplished pianist meets Lara Stewart, ballerina. Peter can’t seduce with her with his devastating good looks because Lara can’t see. Obsessed with the one woman he can’t have, Peter has to learn how to love.

Sam Caldwell joins Peter, Mac, Callie and his grandchildren. Witty and attractive, Sam isn’t looking for a woman but finds love isn’t only for the young but the young at heart as well

Review By Allyson
hearts 51Flames 3

This is now my 4th book I have read by Jean Joachim in about two weeks! I am completely hooked on her work, the only problem is I can’t put them down once I start!
In book three Mac’s Dad, Sam and his brother, Peter move to Willow Falls. Callie immediately accepts them in as part of her close family. Sam was such a loving father and grandfather, I knew I was going to like him. Sam meets Pat Weiss and immediately hit it off. Sam was so patient with Pat considering, this was her first relationship since her husband died.
Pat asks him to assist their neighbor, Lara, whom was living with her uncle after being attacked and severely beaten. My heart went out to her, not only did she lose her eyesight but was scared to death. But wow she kept moving forward, and would try harder. Peter falls for Lara, Lara isn’t ready for that. So Peter is persistent, but also got discouraged easily and needed some pushes along the way.
There were several others, that played parts in the book but I didn’t think very highly of them. They were conniving, manipulative, selfish, and flat out mean. But those characters also gave a different characteristic to the book. Where parts were heart-warming and touching, there were also parts that were a little on the dark side, that left you wanting to read more. This was an excellent book, That I highly recommend!

Craving Cowboys – Western Romance Blog Hop

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Is there anyone who doesn’t crave cowboys? There is just something iconic about the American cowboy. We see them as American heroes, and they are. In this day and age there are very few occupations that remain the same as they were a hundred years ago. I won’t say there have been NO changes in the life life of a cowboy, but the changes are actually quite small. These men still work from sunrise to sunset. They rise, rope, herd, brand, vaccinate and calve, and without them you wouldn’t be eating that Porterhouse, or hamburger you so enjoy.

My latest release from Secret Cravings Publishing is Roping Love, and it is about… you guessed it, a cowboy and a cowgirl too!


Carrie Stewart is a dedicated horsewoman. She runs a successful breeding and training program. She is a good friend, a good sister and a favorite aunt, but she has been burned by love. Carrie has never gotten over her first love, roper Chance Ryan. When Carrie takes her ten year old nephew, Tyler, to the All American Quarter Horse Congress, fate pushes Chance back into her life.

Chance ran away from her ten years ago, when his father’s unexpected death made him responsible for his ranch and family at the tender age of twenty. Now he says he is back to stay. Should she risk her heart again, with the man who left it broken at her feet in the past? Chance is going after her and she will be his. Like a calf in a shoot, he is going to rope her with his love and ride back into her life.

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