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Review- Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems- Mayas Sanders

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Twice divorced, cynical Cindy Layton feels like a relic with prehistoric baggage, and doubts she can muster the courage to establish a new relationship, even if it’s on her own terms. Her journey out of the Stone Age hits freaky, hilarious turbulence when she joins an Internet dating service.  The scammers and weirdoes she meets in cyberspace make Cindy want to crawl back into her cave, until she receives an accidental email from Jay DeMatteo. Jay has the dating blues, too, but after meeting Cindy, reconsiders his options.  Now it’s up to him to convince her it’s never too late to pursue a meaningful relationship, even when a couple is struggling with midlife adolescence.


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Mayas Review…..
This book is a life lesson on what to and not to do when looking to jump back on the horse. I found myself laughing and think WTH all while reading. A notebook would be a handy device when you are going through the trials and changes of the heroine. A quirky novel with GREAT insight.

Cindy did all the things people told her not to do. Finding a companion after two failed marriages on an online dating sight sent her on a roller coaster many will not embark. Although prior “baggage” had her guards up she still came across a lot of creeps in her search. She had the drive in which many will not have being in the “middle age” category and I certainly applaud that. I just couldn’t have been me.

Jay was a man with a past he didn’t escape but he also knew what he was willing to take or deal with. The man had a heart of gold and patience many of use will be in awe of. His willingness to assist with Cindy “riding a bike” allowed them both to love again. It was something they have given up on years ago.

I would so recommend this book to readers as well as read book two. The HEA was so unexpected because of the ups and downs of the main characters. Great job Susan Jean Ricci.


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Review – Dancing in the Dark – Virginia Kelly


What if you discovered all you ever wanted were the things you left behind?

Covert CIA agent Matt Kincaid has come to tiny Walton Springs for some R&R, only to find Janey Blackmon waiting for him at his mother’s house. Matt’s not there to swap memories with the girl he’s never forgotten…and he’s definitely not there to divulge government secrets about her missing brother, no matter how much she pleads.

Ten years…and Janey hasn’t forgotten the love of her life…or that he abandoned her the night of her prom. Bound by duty and honor, he was shipped out to parts unknown by Uncle Sam. But she knew he would go, because like her brother, adventure is in Matt’s blood. Being stuck in a small town with plain Jane the librarian wasn’t ever in his plans.

Trapped by a flood, with no phone or power, smoldering desire threatens to burst into flame. Will passion—and Matt’s offer to recreate prom night—lead to a future together? Or are they just dancing in the dark?

Allyson’s Review
What a great, quick read. Perfect for a hot summer afternoon read. I really liked Janie in this book, she was strong, understanding,considerate and went after what she wanted. What she wanted in this case just happened to be Matt.
I have to give Matt credit, though he and Janie had had a contraction for years, Matt continued to walk away so that she wouldn’t be caught up in the life of a CIA agent. Living the life with him gone, not being able to tell her anything. Basically he thought she deserved better than a life of unknown, which was sweet. Funny how good intentions change when caught in a storm together.
There is another book coming out that deals with Janie’s missing brother. I am dying to read his story, This is one book I am definitely looking forward to.

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Thrill Me Thursday- The Hostage – Carolyn Wren



A covert operative so secretive, she’s known only as Omega…

Kidnapped, held in chains, beaten and without hope. Wealthy businessman James ‘North’ Northam believes he’s a dead man. Until a daring rescue by a woman who disappears before he can thank her. North is compelled by a powerful need to track down his mysterious saviour. The truth he discovers about her is both surprising and intriguing.

Omega has always kept her covert identity separate from her real life. Until James Northam invades her world, and her privacy. This determined, impossibly distracting man is getting under her skin. Her plan is to deny everything until he gives up and goes home.

The plan doesn’t seem to be working.

And so begins a battle of wits between two very strong willed people.

Neither of them realise someone else from Omega’s past has tracked her down, for much more sinister reasons.

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Author Bio.

I was born in England. My parents loved to travel as my dad spent many years in the navy. By the time I reached the age of 12 we had traveled pretty much around the world on cruise ships.
This sounds fun and exciting unless like me you can get sea sick sitting in a bathtub. Lets just say boats do not feature highly in my books.
I still love to travel, but I use planes. All of my life I have written stories in my head. I would rewrite and add characters to TV shows, edit and change novels I was reading, invent scenarios and scenes to amuse myself on long journeys. But strangely I never wrote any of them down. About three years ago I woke up with a scene so clear in my head I knew I had to put it down on paper. Now, what should I do with this one page of prose? I know, I will email it to some friends. The friends approved, in fact they asked what book it was from. I shyly admitted it was my own work and the reaction was immediate…please write the next bit! I did and I haven’t stopped writing since.

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