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Blame the Wine by Imogene Nix – Review

blamethewine cover

Blame the Wine
A review by Cara Davidson

While I enjoyed Dillon and Cara’s story, what made this book for me was Diocail. I want to know more! Who is he? Cupid? What is he atoning for? What does he have to do to be allowed back home? Where is home? What was he meant to do for the waitress? Who are his parents? Sure, I might be able to find some of these things out by Googling his name, but I think I’ll wait and hope for the next book in the series!

But, back to Dillon and Cara….For reasons of full disclosure, I must admit I started reading this book already liking it, because the main character had my name. Shallow of me, perhaps, but I always get a kick out of that. Luckily, the book did not disappoint. As the blurb says, mix one awkward nerdy guy with one bbw, sit back, and watch the good times roll. While this book could have certainly been longer, with more background information or interactions between the main characters, the story itself was well told. Having knowledge that their attraction was genuine, and not a result of Diocails manipulation was another plus. The sex scenes were graphic, without being overdone. Of course, all thought of safe sex goes out the window- a personal pet peeve of mine.

My only other bone of contention with this book was Cara’s seemingly link of attraction with the boss and her work position. She plans on leaving the company if she can’t get Dillon’s attention. I get the sense that Cara wants a boss to fall in love with, not the chance to succeed or be successful at her workplace- but that could just be my interpretation.

I would definitely recommend this novella for a quick pleasing read.

Bottom Line:

hearts 4
Flames 3