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Review – The Book of Danny, Now and Forever 2 – Jean Joachim


Danny Maine, leaves the Army after becoming an expert sharp shooter, killer and womanizer. He gets a job teaching English at Kensington State University where he strives to have a normal life.
There, he meets Eliza Baines, a beautiful widow, and is smitten immediately. Danny struggles to overcome post-traumatic stress syndrome and make a new life when his drunken and abusive father is released from prison and seeks him out. Struggling to leave his horrific past behind, Danny attempts to forge a new path that includes love, success, friends and having his own family but dark forces and emotional obstacles block his way. The Book of Danny is a poignant story of love, loss and ultimate triumph that will touch your heart

Allyson’s Review

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Wow! I truly enjoyed Book 1, but I fell in love with book 2! This is a book I could see myself reading over and over again! I absolutely loved it, I couldn’t put it down! This was such a heart-warming, touching story and wonderful tribute to those men and women who served in our military!
I was so glad that I got to ‘re-visit Mac and Callie from book 1 and find out how their relationship turned out! I was dying to know how Mac dealt with his insecurities of Kyle’s ghost! Which I felt sorry for him all over again when Kyle’s Brother and Callie’ s Best Friend, Danny moved to town. Then again when Danny starting falling for his life long friend Eliza.
I admired Danny for so many different reasons! Danny’s parents were put in prison so he was raised by he brother, Kyle! When Kyle was killed in line of Duty, Danny enlisted. He came home a wounded, well decorated Captain. He was such a strong character, he fought for what he wanted, he was caring, considerate, loyal compassionate, help anyone, loving, forgiving, strong,protective and not afraid to ask for help. Danny had flaws and made mistakes but would own up to them. He was just a great character to read about! I think I have a new book boyfriend 🙂 But Seriously I highly recommend this book, It was a great read!