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And the Winners are …

Tamara’s Birthday Bash Winners

Anna-Marie Chaconas Buchner choose Heart of a Soldier

Second winner is
Sarah Kinsella
I need contact information for you Sarah!

Congratulations Ladies!

Review – Lapses Of Memory – MS Spencer

Lapses of Memory is a story within a story, in which Sydney Bellek relates the story of her life to her daughter Olivia. Every few years from the age of five Sydney meets her true love Elian Davies, but while he remembers her, she doesn’t recognize him. Only after surviving wars, revolutions, and years of separation does she realize they are meant to be, but this time it is Elian who has lost his memory of her. While Olivia chronicles the ups and downs of her parents’ romance she must also deal with her own dilemma, choosing between the rich and dashing Rémy de Beaumec, who wants to take her around the world, and the steady, quiet, American-to-the-core, Benjamin Knox, who wants to make her happy

Allyson’s Review

What a great read! This was Sydney and Elian’ s Love Story. Sydney was telling their story to their daughter so she could write a book. I just loved Sydney, she was hilarious, full of life, adventurous, loving, protective, passionate, competitive. I found myself laughing out loud when Sydney would tell Olivia sexual parts of the story because Olivia got embarrassed.
Elian and Sydney had been meeting since Sydney was 5 and Elian was 7. Sydney didn’t remember to begin with but Elian remembered every time. I truly felt bad for him because I think he was hurt that she didn’t remember but he never let on. They were both reporters and often after the same dangerous story but really Elian was very protective over Sydney.
They were such a great couple. I wanted to know how their story ended. Memory Lapses really was a great read!
hearts 51Flames 4

SSLY recommended read

Review ~ Code Name: Ghost

CodeNameGhost_MEDCode Name: Ghost
Beverly’s Review:

Let me preface this by saying it is a military book and I tend to digress into military language. In other words, I swear like the sailor I am!

This book is fucking amazing. Tamara asked if I’d read it and said that I’d enjoy it. Bullseye! I read it, put it down only to drag my tail to work and picked it up to finish it as soon as I got home.

My bitch? It’s a god damned cliffhanger! But Natasza is already hard at work on the next one and I figure she better move her ass pretty damn quick to finish it!

Now, the hero (and boy would I love to have him in my sights and bed!) Commander Thane Austen is hot, hard and dangerous. He goes through women like paper towels and then he meets Kayla. It’s not only his body that’s hard, so is his head. He has sworn he will never commit to a woman. Regardless of the turmoil and the unknown and unwanted feelings churning inside him, he refuses to change his mind. When the Shark sets his sights on Kayla, hell when any man sets his sights on Kayla, Thane turns caveman. (sigh)

Kayla has had a hard life. She has given up hope of finding trust, let alone love and doesn’t even want to look for it. Betrayed by those that should have protected her, the feelings that the Commander, her boss, bring out in her are totally unwelcome. Getting to know the men on the SEAL teams, especially the Commander’s team, SEAL Team One, Kayla begins again to care. They show her how to have fun and begin to bring her feelings back to life. It makes her wonder when the other shoe will drop. When she becomes the next target in the serial killers sights, Kayla knows, hopes she will die. This is what her life is really like. Dead inside from the pain she has endured, she knows the Shark will succeed in killing her. She just wants her death to mean something, to catch him.

But a match to tinder has less chance of creating fire than these two do whenever they get together. Her calm acceptance of what she considers her fate drives Thane to the brink of insanity. There is nothing, NOTHING he won’t do to protect her no matter what she wants.

This isn’t just a must read. This is a don’t even think of passing it up read! Code Name: Ghost is engrossing and catches you from the first paragraph and doesn’t let you go. Kayla and Thane are wonderfully hardheaded and there is no telling who will come out on top. Code Name: Ghost is sensual and playful in turns, balancing the hard edge of life as a Navy SEAL. Wonderfully descriptive, Code Name: Ghost did an excellent job of describing life in the Navy, making the characters, all the characters come alive.

hearts 51Flames 4

P.S. Natasza, great job! Now quit reading this and get back to finishing the next one!

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SSLY recommended read

From Me to You Friday – Tamara – Spotlighting a friend

Since you already heard for me this week, with my birthday post. Today I am spotlighting a new series by my good friend Natasza Waters

I had the privilege of editing this book and I have to tell you it is amazing!

Kayla is intent on leaving her past north of the border. Hired as a Canadian liaison by the US Navy, she finds the Coronado SEALs tough but amiable. Their Commander is another matter. With eyes like blue steel and a body carved from it, Kayla resists the hungry attraction between them for good reason.

Navy SEAL Commander Thane Austen (Ghost) treats his women like his missions: in, out and gone. Returning from deployment to find Kayla is his new tactical specialist poses a challenge, one he’s never faced. When the defiant beauty with haunted eyes becomes a serial killer’s target, the Commander has the excuse he needs to close ranks around her. Fear is a word unknown to the legendary SEAL until he realizes love can be as dangerous to a warrior as combat. Convincing Kayla to surrender to him and catching a killer is a mission he won’t fail

“The Commander rested his forehead against hers and closed his eyes.
“Don’t give up on me, Snow White. I believe in you, every beautiful, brave, honorable bit of you.” He kissed her sweetly, his lips sweeping the tears from her cheeks. “It’s not fear of losing our lives that keeps a SEAL breathing. The compass that points towards home gives him a reason and a direction. You’re mine. There is no way in this world I will leave you in the darkness.” He kissed her again. “No matter how dark it gets, Kayla, I will always find you.’”

Don’t miss you on this great new series! Beverly’s review will post a noon!

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