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Review – Hot Spot by Tory Richards

hot spot cover

A review by Cara Davidson

Explosive sex…more than twenty years in the making.

When I realized the premise of this book, I thought it could go one of two ways: Sammy could act the reborn virgin martyr or the sex cougar. Luckily, it went in the right direction and resulted in some hot, hot, hot loving. Sure, there is a moment of reflection when you think that Sammy made the wrong choice all those years ago, but then again, John’s character didn’t seem to have the maturity at that age to pull off a long term relationship. A relationship between them wouldn’t have worked, which would have just been a shame. A thought later endorsed by John and Sammy themselves, but the past is the past, and they move forward with relish.

Have I mentioned the sex is hot? Just wanted to make sure. But, seriously, this is a great short story (only 34 pages, as always, there is so much more of a story here…maybe this won’t be the last we see of Sammy and John?). Sammy made a “safe” choice when they were younger, marrying the responsible brother, ignoring her lust (love?) for John. All these years later when their paths cross at a family reunion, the sparks are still flying. Now, two mature adults replace the scared young female and the irresponsible bad boy, who still retain the explosive chemistry of their youth. It’s all about second chances, taking risks, and finding happiness in places you thought were shut off long ago. Definitely worth a read, obviously skip if you’re not into hot, graphic sex or underage.


hearts 4

Flames 51

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