Review- Courting the Phoenix by Viola Grace

Elly has known she was going to become the phoenix for twelve years. She just didn’t want it to happen quite yet.

When she meets Terric in person for the first time, there is no going back. Her transformation is underway. Her body is becoming fire and there is nothing she can do to stop it.

Terric has been looking for the phoenix since he felt the first stirrings of her power in the world around him. When he meets Elly and they dance, he knows that she is the one he has been waiting for, but his patience is running out.

She demands a proper courtship, and he complies. After all, how long had he already waited?

Cara’s Review
While followers of the Nexus Universe knew that the Phoenix was coming into her own, we were unsure of her identity- as was a very unhappy dragon, Terric. However, in “Courting the Phoenix” the Dragon and Phoenix finally meet. Elilinora Dyanhart was an air mage, living with her mother and sister, trying to make ends meet while her controlling, out of the picture father, kept them under his thumbs by taking their money over and over again. When she first glanced the Black dragon, Terric her Phoenix potential ignited.

Courting the Dragon is a tale of two powerful beings, truly meant for one another coming together. Of course, the world attempted interference- as change is always met with fear and doomsayers. However, when Eli’s ready to embrace who she truly is sparks fly. She is not going to let a whole Society block her from her Happily Ever After!

Familiar faces pop up in the book, characters of the Nexus Universe coming out in droves to see this monumental occasion. It’s nice to see characters from the past, and know they are all doing well! This book is a nice quick read, and I’d recommend it to all who have enjoyed the Nexus Chronicles, and anyone looking to read about the epic meeting of the Phoenix and the Dragon, after all, it only happens once every couple of centuries!
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