Review ~ Galen by Tianna Xander

by Tianna Xander

When Kendra decides to attend the local high school football game, a mad scientist who plans to hold her for experimentation snatches her. She’s not sure what to think when a tall, dark, and handsome stranger comes to her rescue.

Imagine Galen’s surprise when he finds the attractive red head he’s sent to retrieve from Dr. Thornton’s newest lab is more than he bargained for. What are the odds of finally finding one’s much-anticipated mate naked in a lab?

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Cara’s Review:
Galen is one of the Hidden Breeds books by Tianna Xander, each can be read as stand alone, but as with most other books, more depth can be gained and relationships understood better if all the books are read. This is definitely another hot one! How deliciously toe-curling yummy is the idea of a perfect mate – one you know the instant you lay eyes on them, that they are meant to be with you forever? Too bad Kendra Mortensen has to be kidnapped and injected by a mad scientist to find hers.

Dragged drugged out of the parking lot during a football game, teacher Kendra is injected by a formula that will allow her to change into a wolf. She is soon rescued from captivity by a team of werewolves and men led by Galen Tolbert. Galen immediately recognizes Kendra as his mate – and her retrieval has just gotten much more exciting!

The only negative thing I have to say about this book is, “You are not dreaming, Kendra!” To be fair though, most people would probably believe themselves to be having a full on psychotic break if they came to in a glass cage, debilitated with pain, and about to turn into a wolf. I also hope that more is revealed about why or how Dr. Thornton is picking his victims. After all, it appears that he has purposefully chosen Kendra for abduction and injection- he certainly has things planned out.

I would strongly recommend this book to fans of Ms. Xander, as well as readers who like shifters. Oh, and hot lovin’…cause that can definitely be found here. You should definitely look up the other books in this series, and give them a read too, they are all enjoyable!

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