From Me to You!

Well, I’ve been working on a garden as you’ve seen. Then the last two nights? It’s been in the 30’s. Ugh. Luckily I saw the forecast and didn’t put anything in the ground. Everything is still on the window sill or in the greenhouse. I just hope it was enough to keep them safe. I’ll find out today. Later, because it’s a whole 28 degrees. I was in shorts and had a sunburn just a couple of days ago. Not sure I’ll be able to even till the ground.

It looks like it will be a cold one today and tomorrow a 70 percent chance of rain and a low below freezing.

I’ve a tree in my dining room! It came in but it’s too cold to plant. I’m keeping it watered but it needs to get in the ground soon. Monday and later on in the week the temps start climbing. Looks like Monday I’ll plant it. Not sure which tree it is, but I ordered a plum, pear and apricot tree. I still have a couple I want to get.

I’m working on edits, they came back to me this week. I should have had them back but got sick. The weather changes kicked off a migraine so nothing got done.

I’ve been working on Reviving Mara, book 4 in A Dragon’s Fated Heart series. If I can keep on schedule, it looks like I’ll have it to my editor by late June, early July. I’ve the photo for the cover and I’ll be sending that off shortly.

But, other than that, I’ve been looking at houses with my daughter. Her and her guy are looking to buy. They found a cute little house they love. First one they looked at! Good sized rooms, a swimming pool, four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Totally finished with just a couple of things they want to change. They are in negotiations now so we’ll see how it goes. If everything goes well, they’ll be moving in sometime in late June.

That will push any books back, lol. I promised to help paint. After all, my granddaughter needs her purple and pink room!

Have a good weekend! Don’t forget to check the sales tomorrow. I’m going to drop of the Granddaughter in a couple of hours and work on edits to return them.

Peace out!

Edits are for another short for this book!

Reviving Mara will be the next in the series!

Find my books here!

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