Review – Texas Two Step by Cynthia D’Alba


Texas Two Step by Cynthia D’Alba

Series: Texas Montgomery Mavericks, Book One

Release Date: February 28, 2012

Publisher:  Samhain Publishing; LTD.

Pages / File Size: 210 Pages

Source:  book provided by publisher for review

Tags: Contemporary Romance

Blurb: trust beyond repair.
After six years and too much self-recrimination, rancher Mitch Landry is ready to admit he was wrong. He’d loved Olivia Montgomery but commitment wasn’t high on his list back then. That was his first mistake. He’s just divorced his second, and he’s set to do whatever it takes to convince Olivia to give him another try.
Through hard work, determination and more than a few tears, Olivia survived the break-up with Mitch. She’s rebuilt her life around her business and the son she loves more than life itself. She’s not proud of the mistakes she’s made–particularly the secrets she’s kept–but when life hands you manure, you use it to make something better of yourself…lest you get stuck in it.
At a hot, muggy Dallas wedding, they reconnect. Olivia’s first instinct is to play it cool, but after one devastating kiss things flare out of control, real fast. Maybe a quick roll in the hay will get him out of her system once and for all. Funny thing about hay though, once it’s tangled in your hair, getting it out risks revealing things that were never meant to see the light of day.

Review: Olivia Montgomery is a woman that has had a to redo her life for the past six years. There are some decisions that she had to make and she just hopes that they are the right ones. She never second guesses herself until the man she loved Mitch Landry comes back in the picture for their friends wedding. The sparks that they had six years ago is even hotter now. All Olivia wants is to have one more night with Mitch and have him to go back to his ranch before her secret is revealed. Seems fate is working against her and all secrets are soon revealed. Nothing will ever be the same again.

I started reading this book and it was one that I just couldn’t seem to put down. I got caught up in all the drama. I never knew what an emotional book this would be. The characters where truly well matched and they still had a love that could survive six years. All I can say is that Mitch really had some growing up to do before he could be the man he was meant to be. It does take awhile for everyone to get over the secrets and lies that were made. Even though I didn’t read the little book that came before this one that showed everything that happened six years ago and added up to everything else that happened.  I didn’t feel in any way that I was missing anything. I felt that the author did a wonderful job telling the past and the present.

These are the kind of stories that I love to read. The kind where there will be a happy ending but you get to see all the trials that everyone has to get through to get to that ending. It seems that the families really like each other and where there for each other. Even though a secret was just kept away from one person. I had to wonder that if Mitch had known would he have still made the same decision or would he have taken the love that he had for Olivia for granted and never grown into the strong man that he is. I can’t wait to read the other books in this series. I know that the author will be weaving more and more stories and I know we will see Mitch and Olivia in them also.

If you love stories that have happy endings and that explosive feelings that the characters have no chance of fighting then this is the book for you.

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hearts 4Flames 4
Reviewer: Crystal N.

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