Review – Alien Embrace – Tracey St John

Amelia Ryan fled Earth’s fanatically religious government to live quietly among the aliens of Plasius. Her life of peace shatters when a three-man clan from the planet Kalquor kidnaps her and holds her prisoner.

With their people poised on the verge of extinction, the Kalquorians are determined to have Amelia for their mate. Amelia is equally determined to escape. But when her body thrills to the ruthless domination of her captors, she finds herself surrendering to desires she never imagined possible.

Re-edited and expanded edition.

Review by Crystal
hearts 4Flames 51

When I read the blurb of this one I just had to read it because it looked really interesting.
Amelia Ryan has been degraded on Earth. She has been taken against her will by some really sick men. Earth has become a planet that I would never want to be on. Women are treated like crap and if you are raped it’s your fault. Sex is prohibited without marriage and even then it is considered wrong. The only thing that Amelia has is her painting. She is invited to Plasius to do some painting for them. It is there she meets a clan of men.
Rajhir, Flenick, and Breft are a three men clan looking for a woman to complete them. She will be cherished and always come first. They know that Amelia is the woman for them and they will do anything they can to make her join them.
Earth has become a very bad place, that I would hate to live. Amelia is a woman that really needs the love of a man to show her that she did no wrong and when these men come into her life they are what she needs. I loved this story and yes at times it was a little too much on the rape and abuse that one woman had to suffer. It took the love of these aliens to prove to her that she was worthy and it wasn’t her fault. Yes it had tons of sex in it, but I believe that was part of what made the story so enjoyable. The author has a wonderful imagination and knows how to use it. It made a trip to this planet sound titillating and exciting. Although, I wouldn’t feel comfortable.

Mild BDSM including captive/forced seduction, anal play/intercourse, bondage, Dom/sub play, homoerotic situations (m/m), and multiple sexual partners (m/f/m/m).

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