Review – Mistakenly Mated by Sonnet O’Dell

Mistakenly MatedMistakenly Mated
by Sonnet O’Dell

Release Date: February 1, 2013
Publisher:  Eternal Press
Pages / File Size: 116 Pages

Source:  book provided by publisher for review


Curiosity only kills cats, right?

Kerry never expected to have a mate among her own kind. White wolves, like her, are considered cursed.

When curiosity gets the better of Kerry, she becomes the mate of the handsome Caleb and her future takes a dramatic turn. They crave each other through a bond that after a month will be unbreakable and they have till then to get to know each other.

Surviving that month is the only problem! Someone is out to kill Kerry, but who and why?

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Kerry is at a place she shouldn’t be. If she had listened to her parents and not go to the mating ceremony would things ended differently then they did? Just because she went in heat and ran away Caleb smelled her and started chasing after her. She ended up be mated to a werewolf when she was told she would never be able to. Just because she is a white wolf and they are said to be bad luck.

I really enjoyed this book. There was no way I could put it down once I started reading it. I could feel Kerry’s heart being pulled in two. Knowing she was in love with a human and being mated to a werewolf. The only way to get out of the mating is for your mate to be killed before the first full moon.  Since someone knows that, they are trying to kill her. Just when you think you know what is going on and can figure out everything else, you get the carpet pulled out from beneath you and you are taken on a whole new adventure.

I didn’t feel this book was long enough. The author got my attention and just like that it was over. I liked the ending and it makes me wonder if there will be more to this story later. I really hope so because I just didn’t get enough. I believe that Kerry and Caleb feel in love with each other even though they didn’t know anything about the other. I am really wanting to know what color the kids will be when a white and black wolf mate. I hated when I found out who was out to break these two up but I guess I should’ve seen it coming.

I can’t wait to read more by this author and get to know her writing style more. I would recommend anyone that loves shifters to read this book.

Favorite Quote:

hearts 4Flames 4

Reviewer: Crystal N.

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Review: Crystal N. Mistakenly Mated by Sonnet O’Dell

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