What did I do?

flagA holiday! A day to relax and spend alone! Or so I’d hoped!

Hubby was at work. My daughter had to work, I was planning on not doing a damned thing. Writing, reading and lounging in bed, the only thing missing was bon bons! Of course I had coffee.

The day started leisurely. 700 AM is late for me so I felt like I had slept in. strawberriesI got up, tossed in a load of laundry, tossed out the ubiquitous junk mail, grabbed a cup of coffee and a bowl of cheerios with fresh cut strawberries. Mmmm. (My daughter’s fiancée works at his dad’s strawberry farm and they are in season!)

While my cheerios are softening up, I feed my dragons and play with them a while. From their reactions, they had planned on sleeping in longer-bad mommy! I leave them be and get back to feeding myself.

Done eating and having slowly had my cup of coffee, I surf the web. I excitedly find three new reviews-good ones!-posted on amazon. I happily share them on my facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/BeverlyOvalleAuthor. My mood is set!

Even the fact that I haven’t heard back from my editor in the 8 week time frame for submissions can’t bother me. Yes I’m still waiting, but had decided that I would spend the day going over my submission and prepping to submit to another publishing house. But first, I decided a shower was in order.

Then the phone rang. It could only be family. Yup! Mom and Dad. ‘What ya doing?’ ‘I was relaxing.’ They laugh. They know I had planned to relax. They called to say hi and have me talk them the hour drive to where they were going. ‘Nope, not gonna do that!’ We laugh, wish each other a Happy 4th of July and hang up after we tell our plans-again-for the day.

I finally headed to the shower. It was 10:00 AM. (Yes, the internet had sucked me in for about 2 hours!)

I had the shampoo in the hair and was just starting my routine when I hear footsteps up the stairs. Then the bathroom door opens up. My daughter didn’t have to work! And no she doesn’t really care about privacy! Not a hi or hello, just a “Mommy I’m bored.”

NO she is NOT three or even six or even those god awful early teen years. She is nineteen, has her own apartment, own job and own life. But Mommy evidently has to chase away her boredom still.

So we go to Black Waters and get coffee. We start to head to Subway for lunch, but pass a brat fry. And we don’t pass a brat fry! Turning around we pulled in for brats for lunch. Ketchup, mustard and sauerkraut are not good ideas when you’re wearing white and we both were!

Then we spent, oh two hours at Slumberland looking at furniture, testing recliners, laying on beds. My daughter decided on a couch set, but had to clear it with the fiancée. He loves his couch even though the kittens have used it as a scratching post and crawl inside it to sleep. He finally agreed as long as his mom would put it back in her basement. We found out they have layaway, so the set is waiting for them.slumberland

We headed to check out their new apartment. They are moving in two weeks. Her future mother in law is their new landlord (I don’t think either of us wanted them back home! I thanked her profusely!) They currently live in one of his grandpa’s apartments but this one is a first floor apartment which they both wanted. The other reason-they can walk to our house! *shaking my head*

Then, off to Fleet Farm to get our fishing licenses. We’ve decided to spend the afternoon fishing. But first a stop off at Joanne Fabrics to see if we can get material to match the recliner she’s getting. We can’t find it so head back to Slumberland to see if we can get material there from the company.

Finally we get our fishing licenses, new poles and tackle. We get home and take my hubby back to Slumberland so he can see her new couch set! (Yes this is the third time today! They offered us jobs! LOL)

We stop off to get food to bar b que. More brats! We head over to my folks lake house in town and have the bar b que there while we fish. We caught nothing, only fed the catfish well!

Her fiancée came over to eat and headed home to shower. They were going to go watch fireworks in the adjoining town. Still she stayed with us. My husband asked her why she didn’t spend the day with any of her friends instead of me.

Her response, ‘But Mommy is my friend.’

I got nothing done that I had planned, but I found out that my daughter does really like me. Huh, who knew!
Me & Suzy 1


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