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Easy-Peasy200x300Easy Peasy

Myra’s childhood in a prepper bunker facilitated her self-sufficiency, but at twenty-four, she’s tired of being a lone mitten. With her business keeping her busy, she’s not sure when she’ll find Mr. Right, but hopes he likes long walks in the park and princess movies.

Oakes Willowbee, just starting his prepping, needs all the help he can get. Former military and in over his head, he’s trying to get his life in order to be ready for a worldwide catastrophe, but he’s having a hard time getting past sheep. With Myra’s help, Oakes gets a taste of prepper life, but his fascination with preparedness might kill their budding relationship.

Despite the attraction between them, finding a balance between living and surviving could be anything but easy peasy.

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Myra looked around the space as the generator kicked on the next level of lights. Two sets of dishes waited on the small wooden table along with two sets of towels. The door to the bedroom stood open and she peeked in to find the bed freshly made, with reading candles and lamps on each bedside table.
“I understood why you sent me that last book when your father said you were coming with a boyfriend,” she said. “You were gently telling me to start thinking about how I felt about you and Wesley entering mature relationships.”

What book had she sent? Myra couldn’t remember such a book.

“I did some soul-searching,” she continued. “I want my home—the home I have ready for my kids and their families—to be one of openness and love. That means making a sexual safe zone. I am not going to be a prude on relationships—I’d never get grandkids, right? So, you two will have your privacy down here, just like Wesley will when he brings a mate home one day.”

She looked so proud. Myra fought to keep her breathing even and the smile on her face. The last thing she wanted to ever do was make her mother feel bad or embarrass her. She rarely took this kind of initiative. Myra didn’t know how to respond. She hadn’t even kissed Oakes, let alone shared anything that required the privacy of a bedroom.

“I know your father has drills planned and we’re going to do them,” she said. “But I’ve also let him know you two need privacy and down time so Oakes doesn’t get overwhelmed. So, you’ll have time to decompress, reconnect and…shoot, what was the last one? I’ll check later, but you’ll have time to do it. I’m going to give you that privacy now so you can settle in and discuss things. I’ll be upstairs if you need anything. Oakes?”

He had a bemused look on his face, like he was enjoying the horror show. “Yes, ma’am?”

“I’d like you to call me Naomi.” She offered her hand. “I’m very happy you’re here, and I hope you feel welcome.”

“That’s really kind of you, Naomi. I can see where Myra gets her beauty and charm.”

Her mother chuckled and elbowed Myra gently. “See, now I like him even more because he’s willing to put blinders on and see the best. Myra is the spitting image of my mother-in-law and has the same giving, loving spirit. Dinner will be when Wesley arrives, which should be another hour.”

She turned and headed out of the apartment, making a special note to shut the door. Myra finally looked up to Oakes, though her mortification made that extra hard.

“So, your mom is nice,” he said.

About The Author:

Stephanie Beck is a fulltime mom, busy writer and amateur speller.
She’s been writing since she was fifteen. Her first novel, “Love on the Mats” was a graphic, heartwarming tale of a wrestler and a cutie coed which was lovingly edited by the c-squad basketball team on the long bus rides throughout the season. They were all sure it would be published and it still has a home in a folder…somewhere.
Stephanie Beck loves romance and all things romantic, heart warming and usually funny, though a more serious piece will find its way in occasionally.
In her spare time she knits and sews, walks the dog, plays with her three wonderful children and tries to get her husband to act out the naughty things she researches…oh the sacrifices she makes for her craft.

Twitter: @stephaniejgrace

Beverly’s Review:
Easy Peasy

Who hasn’t said this as a child, or am I dating myself? Reading this was easy peasy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this prepper book. I don’t find very many of them and this one was well written laying the background of the characters out in well flowing information. The characters were well rounded and believable. The information was given excellent. Above all it was a wonderful love story between Myra and Oakes.

The friendship and love began when Oakes was looking to stock his bunker. He met Myra who showed him what he was missing in more ways than one. Myra was his balance.

Myra was strong enough to break free from her families prepper life. She wanted more. She didn’t want to live her life off the grid as a full time dedicated prepper. With her meeting with Oakes, she realized that maybe there could be middle ground if there was love to share.

Easy Peasy was a sweet enjoyable love story. A little bit different, I couldn’t put it down. I definitely would recommend this be added to your TBR pile!

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